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DEFI AFRICA! Africa's Hub For DeFi Innovation We are a community with an educational and advocacy focus for the DeFi and blockchain ecosystem in Africa. Learn more Join Our Community Upcoming event! No Events Found Why We Exist: Community We are committed to building out the African DeFi space as a diverse, dynamic industry of people.

DeFi Africa is dedicated to accelerating the knowledge, adoption and application of blockchain related projects in Africa. Your support helps us to broaden our initiatives or audiences and to work with relevant visionaries in the same field to elevate the impact of DeFi ideas around the region.

As controversial as the mention of the word Decentralized finance ( Defi) is to the legacy of the current financial ecosystem in Africa. The opportunities it presents especially to the young and tech-savvy population who are in dire need of an alternative financial system besides the current centralized one can't be overemphasized. is the ultimate hub for Decentralized Finance aka DeFi. Our mission is to increase the GDP of DeFi by abstracting the complexities of accessing unique opportunities faced by retail investors, fund managers and builders around the world. Get a snapshot of all your DeFi assets & liabilities.

Empowa | RealFi (DeFi) Enabled Affordable Housing in Africa Build. Community. Impact. Affordable home loans for the financially excluded. Utilising new technologies and thinking, Empowa is an ecosystem providing access to affordable and green home loans for the underbanked in Africa. Learn more Build a better future through the Empowa Platform.

DeFi Africa organizes events and training programs that help to support and grow decentralized finance and blockchain technologies. Accra,Greater Accra,Ghana 251-500 Private 346,033 Highlights Similar Companies 6 Recent News & Activity There is no recent news or activity for this profile. Details Edit Details Section Industries

Who We Are Defi Africa is a unified community born out of the need to advance the vision and knowledge of decentralized finance-related technologies in Africa. A place where enthusiasts and...

Add to My Calendar 2022-09-27 08:00:00 2022-09-28 18:00:00 Europe/London Africa Money and DeFi Summit West Africa The Africa Money and DeFi Summit West Africa, connects industry leaders from the African fintech and crypto industries with international players. Network and do business with leading companies in decentralized finance (DeFi), payments, crypto, Web3, digital lending, FX, digital ...

A situation where loan is given to a borrower in exchange for his crypto assets. While DeFi is a liberation tool to the people of Africa, there is still a wide knowledge gap as most Africans have no idea about decentralized systems, never mind how they work. There are also regulatory bottlenecks.

Before the DeFi craze begun, there were already quite a few fintech ideas that sought to solve the issue of financial exclusion in Africa. This saw the rise of mobile banking platforms and services like Paga , OneFi , Jumo , Fawry , etc all around the continent.

Togo Leads Africa in Global DeFi Adoption, Says Latest 2021 Chainalysis... kodzilla-September 10, 2021. 0. Celo Partners with Leading DeFi Projects in a $100 Million Initiative... kodzilla-August 31, 2021. 0. 1 2 Page 1 of 2. For press releases or other publishing enquiries, reach out via email:

DeFi borrowing and lending is made easy due to the simple, transparent and secure platform. Loans can be easily obtained by Africans without collateral and zero or little compound interests. DeFi eliminates middlemen, thereby, making transactions and movement of funds easier and faster.

DeFi can potentially accelerate access and inclusion to financial services such as lending, investing, settlements, online transactions, payments and so much more in Africa. The blockchain is a hallmark of computing and innovation. Its decentralized nature allows the creation of self-executing, autonomous, and immutable software that no one ...

DeFi aims to create a decentralised financial ecosystem by leveraging an overlap between decentralised applications (DAPPs) and smart contracts which are built on Ethereum. Via smart contracts, financial transactions can be made between two or more concerned parties without the involvement of third parties.

In a bid to end the month well, Beam Africa was featured in an AMA series with the DeFi Africa community hosted by one of the most respected personalities in the African crypto space, Sahabia. To ...

Even as the popularity of DeFi burgeoned in 2020, a number of DeFi applications, such as meme coin YAM, has crash-landed and become valueless, with its market cap going from $60 million to $0 in 35 minutes. Other DeFi projects, such as Hotdog and Pizza, have suffered the same fate, and many investors lost a lot of money.

Ray Youssef, the CEO and Co-Founder of leading P2P Marketplace for the sale of cryptocurrencies and giftcard, Paxful believes that Africa is held back by unequal access to financial system. The Paxful boss boastfully said 'Nigeria is the Capital of the Universe'. It is no strange fact that the Paxful CEO has been vocal about […]

DeFi Africa, Accra, Ghana. 811 likes · 12 talking about this. A community effort to promote the growth of Blockchain based initiatives in Africa

The recently concluded DeFi Africa Conference 2020 featured some reputable industry thought leaders and brands doing amazing things in the DeFi space. The conference, which featured MakerDAO, Aave, ConsenSys, Binance, Dash, Celsius Network, Chainlink among others, provided deep insights into how and where the space is evolving. SEE ALSO: [WATCH] Binance 'Off The Charts' 2020 Conference

The CEO of Cardano blockchain, Charles Hoskinson, believes that Africa is the most promising place when it comes to the adoption of Decentralized Finance (DeFi).. Charles believes that unlike highly regulated markets of the western world, Africa is most in need of identity and payment systems and new ways of representing equities and will thus be the biggest consumers of DeFi.

With DeFi, people in Africa without adequate access to banking can finally gain access to financial tools such as being provided liquidity, borrowing, lending, (insure), saving, etc, that will be ...

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Interoperability: The use of an interconnected software stack ensures that DeFi protocols and applications integrate and complement one another. Self-custody: The use of wallets ensures that DeFi market participants keep strong custody of their assets and control their data. Email: Tel: 011 568 5053.

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